How To Make Friends As An Adult


how to make friends as an adult

Ever wonder how to make friends as an adult? It is not easy. As most of you know, my husband and I packed up our belongings and moved to Columbus. Being in a new city as a soon to be new mom was overwhelming. Sure, my husband had friends from High School and College that lived in Columbus, however, I did not have any friends. As a soon to be new mom I was eager to make new friends with similar interests and some mommy friends as well.

As I talked to people and did some research, I learned about Bumble BFF. It is similar to Bumble, the dating app, with the main difference being instead of looking for a date you are looking for your next BFF.

how to make friends as an adult

I decided to throw an event for everyone to mingle and get to know each other.  The event was held at Flowers & Bread Co, a local bakery cafe.  The space was just perfect and the menu even more perfect. Flowers & Bread is known for their food and I could not think of a better way of bonding with new friends than over some good food.

I got meet Ewa who is the other half behind  She is funny and witty and was a lot of fun to be around. I actually met her through my amazing photographer, Emma.

The food served by Flowers & Bread Co was beyond delicious. I will be doing a separate post detailing the menu and the food.

how to host a party

All Photos: Emma Parker



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